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Type: Archeological Site/Reef

Bigovica is a small beautiful bay just near Bar. In the period that spans over 22 centuries, this bay was used as a merchant shipping port and ,at some point, most likely for smuggling.

For many years, the site has been devastated by unscrupulous divers collecting “souvenirs”. According to the local witnesses, dozens of amphorae were removed from this site over the years.Still, many fragments remain today.
Recently, Bigovica become the place of interest for hydro-archeologists. A joint venture project was launched in 2010, by University of Southampton and Cultural Center Bar. It involved preliminary hydro-archeological mapping and evaluation of the bay.

Project continued in September of 2012, with additional mapping and dredging excavation.

During 3 weeks of research, hundreds of artifacts were recovered. Fragments of amphorae, majolica and glass that were found, were carbon dated to the period from 3rd century B.C. to 17th century A.C.

For more details on the project refer to News, or visit University of Southampton web site at:
Montenegro Hydro – archeological project

Depth: 5-25m
Visibility: Good/Excellent