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Type: wreck

Torpedo ship Golesnica was build by the Stabilimento Tecnico shipyard in Trieste (STT) and Danubius and Co. from Rijeka, as a part of the order for Austro-Hungarian navy (K&K). Between 1913 and 1914, eight of these 74t class ships were build, and they were named: 74T – 81T.

76T took part in the 1st WW naval operations in eastern and western Adriatic. In 1920 along with 77T, 78T and 79T it became a property of the newly created Kingdom of SCS, a future Yugoslavia. In 1941 it was seized by the Italian navy, and deployed in operations against partisans along the Dalmatian coast.

After the 2nd WW, it became a part of new Yugoslavian navy, renamed Golesnica, and served mostly as the border patrol ship, until 1955 when it was decommissioned. In 1959 it was used by the navy for target practice, and sunk near Boka Kotorska. It lies on the port side on the sandy bottom.

Length: 57.84 m
Width: 5.75 m
Displacement: 267.3 tons
Speed: 29.4 Knots
Drive: Diesel/Steam
Depth: 35m
Visibility: fear