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Type: Wreck

Steamship “Goritia” was build in Trieste (Italy) in 1903. It was a property of the Austrian Lloyd. In 1914, it was commissioned by the Austro-Hungarian navy, as ammunition ship. In 1916, it was deployed as a transport ship in Albanian waters. On August 19th 1918, the ship was the part of the convoy headed from the port of Drac (Albania). Around 1:00h the powerful explosion shook the ship, and it started to sink. Thanks to the help of the other vessels from convoy, there were only 3 casualties. It is unknown whether the cause of the explosion was the torpedo or the mine, but most likely it was the mine.

The wreck is lying upright on the bottom. The bow section of the ship that was ripped off by the explosion it is laying some 30m away from the rest of the wreck.
“Goritia” is the longest shipwreck in the Montenegrin waters.

Length: 101.9 m
Width: 12.9 m
Displacement: 3104 t
Depth: 16 m
Visibility: poor/fear