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Type: Reef

Lastavica, is an islet located near Zanjice bay. Mamula a fortress on the island, was built by Austro-Hungarian General Lazar Mamula in the mid-19th century. Island is today commonly called Mamyla by the name of the fortress. Along with 2 other fortresses, Azra and Prevlaka, it was used to control the entrance to the Boka Kotorska Bay, stronghold of the Austro-Hungarian Navy. Although, initially build for military purpose, it was used in both world wars, as a prison. During World War II, the fort was used by Italian occupying army as a concentration camp for ethnic Serbian populace from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro. The prison was known for torture and cruelty to the prisoners. Some 150 prisoners were killed there.
Recreantly, Montenegrin government leased the island to be developed into the luxury 5 star resort, despite opposition of the local population.

With its indented outline, numerous crevasses, caverns, and rich marine life, the island makes it for an excellent reef dive for all dive categories. Divers can also visit the fortress and admire its elaborate architecture.

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Depth: 5-40m
Visibility: Good/Excellent