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Type: wreck

Italian cargo ship Oreste sunk on March 27th 1942, in the bay Trsteno near Jaz.
The ship was build in 1896 in Stokton, England, by the company “Ropner & Son”. In the first 3 decades, it sailed under the name “Moorby”. When sold to Italians, it was renamed “Oreste” by the ancient hero Orest. It sunk while in service of the Italian Navy during the 2nd WW.

There are 2 versions of the event. Historical version is, that it sunk after hitting the mine. Second version, according to local sources, is that it was sunk by English aircrafts Mosquitoes. The ship haul sustained heavy damage, but the vital parts are intact and visible, despite partial salvage that was done after the war. The explosion ripped the ship into two pieces and they are lying some 20 m apart on the sandy floor. The debris field spreads in the radius of 100m. The wreck is a habitat for the versatile marine life. Despite considerable depth, often calm conditions and good visibility, makes “Oreste” one of the popular dive sites in Montenegro.

Length: 75 m
Displacement: 2679 t
Depth: 32 m
Visibility: good