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Type: Wreck

Close to Kabala point near Rose in Boka Kotorska, at the depth of 32m lays the wreck of the 2nd WW British airplane. Spitfire MK9 Supermarine, was the one of the most famous and successful multi task aircrafts of the 2nd WW. According to the archives, this plane was one of two Spitfires that were brought down by the German anti-aircraft fire. They were the part of the famous RAF’s 1435 squadron that flew missions along the Montenegrin coast from the base in Brindisi (Italy). On March 7th, 1944 two Spitfire aircraft were attacking the German hydroplane base located between Kumbor and Zelenika, when they became under heavy anti-aircraft fire. Both planes were hit. The squadron leader’s craft (S/Ldr J.D. Clements – Spitfire V•D/LZ992), dragging black smoke, crushed near Rose. Major Clements was killed. The pilot of the other aircraft lieutenant Chandler (F/O Chandler – Spitfire V•F/MA 474) managed to escape towards the open sea with the damaged plane, where he parachuted. Soon after, he was picked up by the German boat and taken prisoner.

The wreck was discovered by the local diver several years ago, but the location was not revealed. It was discovered in September of 2006, after years of search, by the local diver Dragan Gacevic from Herceg Novi. Soon after, Scuba Quest dive team had the privilege to be one of the first divers to dive and photograph the site. We took the photos to the Belgrade Aviation Museum and confirmed the identity of the aircraft.

The remains of the aircraft lay on the sandy bottom, in the radius of 40m. When it hit the water, aircraft was ripped apart. The largest peace is the engine, at the center of the debris field. Around the engine are the parts of the tail section with a rudder and tail wheel, two machine guns, one wing, front wheels, as well as many other pieces of the haul and hydraulics. Despite the fact that it was badly damaged, the wreck is still impressive, and makes it for an interesting dive experience.

Length: 9.85 m
Wing span: 11.23 m
Height: 3.85 m
Weight: 3.855 kg (loaded)
Engine: Rolls Royce Griffon 65, 2.050 HP
Top Speed: 720 km/hr
Top altitude: 13.653 m
Radius: 1.367 km
Armory: 2 cannons Hispano, 20mm, 4 machine guns Browning 7,7mm, external bomb load of 454 kg
Depth: 32m
Visibility: Good