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Type: Wreck
Austro-Hungarian passenger/cargo steam ship Tihany was built in 1908 in the “Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino” shipyard in Trieste. It was owned by the “Societa in Azioni Ungaro-Croatia Navigazione Marittime a Vapore-Rijeka”.

On the day of it’s disaster, Tihany was transporting a load of coal and oil from Kotor to Bar. On February 12th 1917, due to the navigational error, the ship crashed into the point Arza near the entrance to Boka Kotorska. During the salvage operation, when they started to tug the ship towards Boka Kotorsaka, it started taking water and ship near the island Lastavica (Mamula). It lies on the sandy bottom, slightly tilted to the right side. Due to the minor damage inflicted during its sinking, the wreck is mostly intact. Despite considerable depth, it is one of the most popular and exiting wreck dive sites in Montenegro.
• Length: 45.40 m
• Width: 5.75 m
• Displacement: 204/200/123 t
• Drive: Steam, 425 HP
• Speed: 12 knots
• Depth: 40m
• Visibility: Good