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sinkingship copy

Type: wreck

Near Port Milena, Ulcinj, lays the unknown shipwreck. Wreck is heavily damaged by explosion(s), so it has been very difficult to indentify it. Local divers call it “Suleiman’s Ship”. Like with many other unidentified wrecks, it was probably named by the person that discovered it. Locals also claim that ship was sunk in 1944, despite the lack of official notes about the event.

The major remaining part of the wreck is the steam room compartment, with a massive steam boiler in the center of it and the partially buried propeller that lays at the spot where stern of the ship used to be. The rest of the ship is a debris of twisted metal mixed with grenades and other ammunition. There are some similarities with a wreck of the French destroyer “Dague”, including the type and the brand of grenades. This could suggest that ship was of the French origin.
Ship was probably around 40m long.

Depth: 16m
Bottom: sand/mud
Visibility: poor/fear