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Type: Wreck

At the entrance to Boka Kotorska, near Kabala point, lies the wreck of the unknown galley. Hydro-archeological research of the wreck and, analysis of the ship’s cargo and equipment indicates that the wreck is from the early 16th century. There were some inconclusive indications that it could have been of the Spanish origin. It was a merchant ship with a mixed cargo of common and luxury goods (ceramics, china, lamps…). Items that were recovered were manufactured in Turkey, Spain and Germany.
These items can be viewed in the National Museum in Herceg Novi, as well as one of the ship’s canons, although it is in poor condition due to improper conservation. Many items were unfortunately removed over the years by “souvenir hunters”. This, probably the most significant hydro archeological wreck site in Montenegrin waters should be protected as soon as possible from further looting. Only receantlly, in 2015 a large ship’s anchor was stolen from the location.
Visible to the divers today, are the parts of the haul and ribs, 3 canons, anchor and stone cannonballs.

Depth: 32m
Visibility: Good