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Type: Wreck

SS Scodra was built in 1904, in Mali Losinj shipyard (Croatia). As a part of Ungaro-Croatian shipping company, it was built with a shallow draft to be able to sail into the Bojana river. Until 1912 it served as a cargo and passenger ship along the route Split-Dubrovnik-Budva-Pristan-Ulcinj-Medova-Obod. Between two world wars, it changed several owners. In 1927, it was purchased by the shipping company “Boka” from Kotor and renamed Bojana. In 1942 it was seized by Italian Navy and later on taken over my Germans.┬áDuring the night between October 20th and 21st, 1943, while on route from Drac to Kotor, it was stopped and subsequently sunk, by British destroyers, some 3.5 miles from delta of the river Bojana.

The wreck of Bojana is the most southern wreck location in Montenegro. Because of its remote location close to Albanian waters, as well as depth and considerable distance from the shore, this wreck is one of the list visited in Montenegro. That also, is the reason that is mostly intact and inhabited with various spaces of fish and lobster. Despite often not so great visibility, it makes for a pretty good dive experience for experienced divers.

Length: 34.5m
Bottom: mud
Visibility: fear