diving in montenegro

Technical Diving

Over the years Scuba Quest diving center has had the privilege of providing its services to some of the best technical diving teams and expeditions from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Poland…

A most interesting destination for technical divers, in these waters, is certainly the wreck of the WW1 Austro-Hungarian warship Zenta, the first Austro-Hungarian ship sunk by the allied fleet during the Great War. Zenta’s interesting history of service around the world, followed by its demise in the waters of Montenegro, in the face of overwhelming enemy force, arouse interest and imagination of divers. Zenta is a deep water magnet for the tech divers. This is especially true for divers from countries that are used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During our time spend together, we sensed that they all felt special connection to this wreck. Due to its depth (73m), Zenta was not devastated by recreational divers over the years, unlike some other wrecks that lay in the shallower waters. There are other attractive locations in our dive radius, such as the WW2 airplane wreck of Junkers JU-88, and the wreck of the mysterious sail ship, with two magnificent front load cannons. For more detailed info on dive locations go to the dive locations page.

A Local Messer plant is located some 15-20 min drive from our dive center, and we can arrange for your Helium and Oxygen gas tanks to be delivered, and provide air filling. You would be responsible for making your own gas mix.

Please contact us at info@divemontenegro.com to get a customized proposal for your dive trip.