Dive With Me…Forever

In September of 2015 a young man from Bar, asked me to make his wedding proposal most memorable. He wanted to try Discover Scuba and propose to his girlfriend during the dive.

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MEDCEM “Save the Posedonia” Project

Our friends from MEDCEM asked for our help in providing logistical support and diving services for their new project “ECONOMIC BENEFITS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND POTENTIAL BLUE CARBON VALUE OF FUTURE KATIC MPA”.

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MPA “Katic” Management Plan

Following the Pilot MPA Project “Katic”, Montenegrin Ministry For Sustainable Development and Tourism and Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea, had published management plan for the Marine Protected Area “Katic”.

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Navionics Bathometric Survey

During months of May and June of 2013, crew of Downunder and Scuba Quest dive center performed detailed bathometric of-shore mapping of the Montenegrin coastline.

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U poslednjoj nedelji oktobra 2011, medjunarodni tim pomorskih biologa iz RAC-SPA i Instituta za Biologiju Mora (IBM) iz Kotora se okupio na palubi “Downundera”.

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In cooperation with the University of Southampton Centre for Underwater Archaeology, headed by Dr Lucy Blue, we were able to organize the first systematic underwater research of locations on our coast. The project began under the name “Rescue Underwater Heritage of Montenegro-Maljevik 2010”.

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