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Type: wreck

Cargo ship SS Maria Pompei was build in 1909 in Suderland , UK. It was owned by English, Belgian, then Italian shipping company and renamed 4 times (“Quckstep”, “Most”, “Aboran”). During 1st WW, as part of the British Navy it served as ammunition transport.

At the begining of the 2nd WW it was commissioned by Italian navy, for operations in Dalmatia. It was sunk on October 23rd 1941 after hitting the mine, 2 miles from cape Platamuni. The wreck was discovered recently, and due to its depth and often poor visibility, remains mostly unexplored. Due to its depth, it is accessible only to technical divers.

Length: 75 m
Displacement: 1407 t
Depth: 75 m
Visibility: ranging from poor to fear