Dive Locations



Type: Cave

Podkaplje Krekavica, located near the Cape Platamuni. For advance divers, a dive can start as a deep descend to 32 m, to the deeper one of the 2 entrances to the cave. From there, you start the gradual ascend over the large cascades of rock, further into the huge dark belly of the cave. As you reach the end of the cave, you have reached the highest point of it, and you find yourself in the air syphon. As you look down over the terrain you past over, you get a feeling you are on the top of a large underwater amphitheater. Your dive companions with light beams of their torches, look like busy theater ushers. Not a bad place to find yourself at. Not bad at all…

For OWD divers, there is another shallower entrance to the cave, at the depth of 4m.

Depth: 32m
Bottom: sand
Visibility: Excellent