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Type: Wreck
Fishing trawler Spiridon sunk in the storm, during the night on February 18th 2007, some 1.3 miles of point Medra (Ulcinj). Originally, it was a Navy tug boat, refitted into the fishing trawler. Since there were no survivors of the tragedy, it is a mystery what exactly happened that faithful night. It is suspected that the crew was surprised by an unexpected storm, and it was trying to reach their home port of Bar, when engine malfunctioned and the boat was overturned by waive. The body of one fisherman was recovered from the wreck, but the remains of the captain and another crewman were never found. The trawler was found lying on its side on the sandy bottom. Montenegrin Navy have had tried to raise the boat with a crane. They managed to lift it to the upright position on the bottom, but they were unable to raise it to the surface.
Scuba quest dive team made their first exploratory dives on the wreck in 2008. We were surprised to see how quickly the wreck was ingrown by the sea flora. Schools of fish, lobsters, oysters, anemones, and gorgonias, made this wreck their habitat, and. At the place of death- the new life was booming. In 2009 we made the wreck one of our regular dive sites. Even today, the wreck is intact- in its original condition. Fishing gear is there, navigation lights, steering wheel, the bell…

Length: 25m
Depth: 26m
Visibility: fear/good